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Light The Night Partners With Steven Santaniello, Connecticut’s Esteemed Realtor with eXp Realty

Connecticut – November 11th, 2023 - In a heartwarming union of holiday cheer and home expertise, Light the Night is delighted to announce an illuminating partnership with Steven Santaniello, Connecticut's esteemed realtor with eXp Realty. As we light up homes

Light The Night Partners With Steven Santaniello, Connecticut’s Esteemed Realtor with eXp Realty - Featured in Holiday Resource Guide

with festive joy, Steven brings his comprehensive real estate acumen, offering residents unparalleled insight into home valuation, refinancing options, and the quest for their dream home this holiday season. Steven Santaniello's Real Estate services will be featured in Light the Night's Holiday Resource guide.

Known for his profound connection to the community and deep-seated expertise in the real estate market, Steven Santaniello’s collaboration with Light the Night is a beacon of hope and prosperity. It signifies a commitment to not only celebrate the holiday season through lights but also to enhance the sense of home that those lights adorn.

This partnership will bring a twofold gift to the community: the enchanting visuals of Light the Night's trail of holiday displays and Steven’s tailored advice on making the most of your real estate investments during this festive period. Whether it’s providing an accurate valuation of your festively decorated property, exploring refinancing options to save on your mortgage in the new year, or finding that perfect dream home to celebrate future holidays, Steven Santaniello, backed by the trusted network of eXp Realty, is your guiding star.

As Steven joins the Light the Night family, the initiative is set to embrace not only the glow of holiday lights but the warmth of homes filled with love and the prospect of new beginnings. In the spirit of the holidays, we believe every home lit by our community's effort not only shines with lights but with the dreams and aspirations of its inhabitants.

We cordially invite all to revel in the glow of this partnership as we enter a season of light, community, and the joys of home. For more information on how to participate, enhance your property's value, or find your holiday dream home, please visit his eXp page, or email him at

About Light the Night

Light the Night is a heartwarming initiative that turns the simple act of decorating with holiday lights into a beacon of community spirit and support. Founded in Connecticut by marketing expert and philanthropist, Marie Austin, amidst the 2020 pandemic, the initiative has since become a cherished holiday tradition. By fostering a network of festively adorned homes and businesses, Light the Night creates a tapestry of twinkling lights that can be safely enjoyed from the comfort of one’s vehicle, embodying the joy and togetherness of the holiday season while prioritizing safety and community health.

The initiative partners with local businesses and charities, amplifying the impact of each twinkling bulb by driving local commerce and supporting families in need. Light the Night’s interactive website and state-wide map guide spectators through a winter wonderland of lights, encouraging community engagement and small donations to sustain and expand this luminous tradition. As the initiative grows, it continues to spread not just light, but hope, joy, and the spirit of giving, illuminating the path for community-driven celebrations across the country.

For more information, to participate, or to support Light the Night, please visit

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