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Illuminate Your Community

Ready to brighten up the season?

Residences and businesses can register their festive light displays and become a part of our luminous community map. Showcase your creativity, drive traffic to your business, and spread joy this holiday season!

Christmas Lights
Festive Mood


Create Unforgettable Memories

Experience the magic of the season with our interactive holiday light display map! To immerse fully, we ask spectators to sign up and become a cherished member of our community. Rest assured, your data remains private, and we pledge no spam. Scroll and navigate your location on our map, which is updated weekly with new festive sights. While enjoying the radiant wonders, we humbly request a small donation to fuel our luminous movement. Dive in and let the holiday joy light up your nights!



Support the Movement

Your contribution to 'Light The Night' is more than just a donation; it's a gesture of community and compassion. Each donation directly fuels our efforts to maintain and enhance the technology behind our interactive map, ensuring its seamless navigation and timely updates. Moreover, part of our mission is to shine a light in areas beyond the festive displays. We take pride in making generous donations to families in need  during the holiday season. By supporting us, you’re not only promoting the spirit of festivity but also aiding in our commitment to uplift those in our community who need it most. Together, let's ensure that the warmth of Light The Night reaches every corner of our nation.

Fairy Lights
Taking Selfie


Partner with our movement

Local businesses have a golden opportunity to become pillars of the Light The Night movement. By sponsoring our movement, businesses can seamlessly integrate their brand into a beloved community experience. In return for your support, your business will be granted prime ad space on our local map page, attracting the gaze of thousands of local consumers. This collaboration isn't just an advertisement—it's a community partnership. It's especially valuable for restaurants, local shops, and any enterprise serving the local populace, offering a unique platform to both uplift the community and enhance brand visibility during the holiday season. Join hands with Light The Night and let's illuminate the path to mutual growth."

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