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To ignite the spirit of community and festivity during the holiday season, uniting families and businesses in a radiant celebration of unity and hope. Through the beauty of luminous displays, we aim to foster connections, uplift local enterprises, and shine a light of joy in every corner of the world, all while championing safety, inclusivity, and community support.


To forge local holiday traditions, weaving threads of light, joy, and community across the state. We envision a future where every street gleams with festive spirit, local businesses thrive through communal support, and every resident, young and old, feels the warmth of unity and togetherness during the holiday season and beyond.

Light The Night

Community First:

At the heart of our initiative lies the community. We prioritize collective well-being, inclusivity, and the spirit of togetherness.

Festive Spirit:

We celebrate the joy, hope, and warmth of the holiday season, ensuring it reaches every corner of Connecticut.

Supporting Local:

Championing local businesses and residents, we strive to uplift and promote the unique vibrancy they bring to our state.

Safety and Respect:

In all endeavors, we maintain the highest standards of safety, ensuring everyone can enjoy the festive lights with peace of mind.

Innovation and Growth:

Continually adapting and evolving, we embrace technological advances to enhance the 'Light The Night' experience for all.


Beyond the lights, we are committed to giving back, ensuring that the glow of our initiative brings warmth to families in need.

Integrity and Transparency:

We operate with honesty, keeping our community informed and involved in every step of our journey together.

The Full Story


Born out of a desire to bring joy amidst challenging times in the great pandemic of 2020, Light The Night is a radiant beacon of community spirit and festive celebration in local communities. Initiated by Marie Austin as a movement to spread cheer and create lasting family memories on bleak mid-winter nights, empower local businesses, and help those in need, this movement encourages residents and businesses to illuminate the nights with dazzling holiday light displays. The initiative's heart beats with the aim of uniting communities, uplifting local commerce, and ensuring every family can experience the magic of the season safely. Through a user-friendly map, spectators can embark on self-guided tours to view these dazzling spectacles, all while supporting and celebrating the local spirit. Beyond the twinkling lights, Light The Night is a testament to resilience, unity, and the shared joy of the holidays.


Unifying Communities, Spreading Joy

"During the holidays, my family and I would often go on destinationless drives searching for illuminating holiday light displays to enjoy the spirit of the season.  I realized in the dark days of 2020's social distancing standards, that this was an opportunity to spread love, joy, and hope while remaining safe and creating lasting memories for families - but there was still no resource to find these captivating light displays.  From this realization, Light The Night was born."


At Light The Night, we believe in the power of community to bring hope and joy to families. Since 2020, our heartwarming initiative has been uniting neighborhoods, supporting local businesses, and illuminating hope with mesmerizing holiday light displays. With your help, we can continue to make a difference in our community.

Learn how you can be a part of the movement through participating, spectating, donating, or collaborating.

Marie Austin, Founder

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