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Light The Night Partners with The Horsemen Co. to Feature Sustainable Home Decor in Upcoming Holiday

Connecticut & Texas, USALight the Night is proud to announce a new partnership with The Horsemen Co., a Texas-based company with a commitment to sustainability and innovative design. This collaboration will spotlight The Horsemen Co.'s unique air plant hangers and sustainable wooden home

décor in Light the Night's eagerly anticipated Holiday Resource Guide.

The Horsemen Co., founded by the creative husband and wife duo Ben & Faith Benitez, operates from the heart of rural Bastrop County, Texas. The Benitez couple shares a passion for crafting whimsical designs that not only enchant the aesthetic senses but also embody the principles of sustainability.

"We are thrilled to partner with The Horsemen Co.," said Marie Austin, Founder of Light the Night. "Their commitment to eco-friendly practices and the artistry of their products perfectly aligns with our mission to support local businesses while providing our community with options that warm the heart and home."

The Holiday Resource Guide by Light The Night is a tribute to local artisans and businesses across the nation, encouraging consumers to support their local economies. Featuring The Horsemen Co., Light the Night is set to deliver a guide that not only eases the holiday shopping experience but also endorses the values of community and conscious consumerism.

"We feel honored to have our creations featured in the Holiday Resource Guide," expressed Ben & Faith Benitez of The Horsemen Co. "Working with Light The Night, we hope to share a bit of our home with others, spreading joy and sustainability one piece of décor at a time."

The upcoming Holiday Resource Guide will not only showcase The Horsemen Co.'s products but also narrate the story behind each piece. Consumers looking for unique and responsible holiday gifts will find solace in this guide, which promises a focus on high-quality, local, and sustainable choices.

Keep an eye out for the official release of the Holiday Resource Guide, and prepare to decorate your home with the beauty of Bastrop County's finest craftsmanship. Together, Light the Night and The Horsemen Co. are lighting up the holidays with a touch of whimsy and a commitment to the planet.

For more information about Light The Night and the upcoming Holiday Resource Guide, please visit

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Marie Austin


Light the Night

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About Light The Night

Light The Night is a heartwarming initiative that turns the simple act of decorating with holiday lights into a beacon of community spirit and support. Founded in Connecticut by marketing expert and philanthropist, Marie Austin, amidst the 2020 pandemic, the initiative has since become a cherished holiday tradition. By fostering a network of festively adorned homes and businesses, Light The Night creates a tapestry of twinkling lights that can be safely enjoyed from the comfort of one’s vehicle, embodying the joy and togetherness of the holiday season while prioritizing safety and community health.

The initiative partners with local businesses and charities, amplifying the impact of each twinkling bulb by driving local commerce and supporting families in need. Light The Night’s interactive website and state-wide map guide spectators through a winter wonderland of lights, encouraging community engagement and small donations to sustain and expand this luminous tradition. As the initiative grows, it continues to spread not just light, but hope, joy, and the spirit of giving, illuminating the path for community-driven celebrations across the country.

For more information, to participate, or to support Light The Night, please visit

About The Horsemen Co.

Founded by Ben & Faith Benitez, The Horsemen Co. is dedicated to creating sustainable and whimsical designs from their rural workshop in Bastrop Co., Texas. Their products embody an eco-conscious lifestyle, making each creation not just a piece of décor but a statement of thoughtful living.

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